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13. března 2012 v 15:59 | Kada |  HEARTS
Chceš srdiečko? Pokraučuj čítaním dole.

Musíš vedieť:
- bez kvalitných fotiek srdiečko neurobím
- nemôžeš s neho zmazať zdroj
- do 5 dní máš srdiečko hotové na 100%
- a musíš vyplniť objednávku ;D

- Farby (nepovinné)
- S nápisom - bez - ak áno čo?
- dvojité(Amy), trojité(Miley), alebo obyčajné?
- Chceš ešte niečo dodať?

Ukážka môjho srdiečka:


Buď první, kdo ohodnotí tento článek.


Sčítanie ľudu ! :)



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After you have started out your wedding planning, remember that acquiring a spot must be among the first things on the checklist to complete. The place will ultimately figure out the day of your own wedding ceremony according to the requirement for the venue and the amount of visitors that you will be able to encourage.
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A very great present for your personal bridal party can be a personalized bit of precious jewelry that links one to your women. Using this method, soon after your wedding event has passed, each and every girl could have a unique approach to relive the wedding and also the fun that they had being a member of such an thrilling time.
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If you are available in the market to offer a piece of real estate, there are tons of things that you have to take into consideration. The information layed out in the following paragraphs will assist you whether you are just commencing the selling approach, or looking to finalize and finish the method.
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